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Looking for a cabin on the Bois Brule

My family and I are looking for a cabin to rent that is actually on the Brule River. We went there canoeing and fell in love with the area. We would like to come back next summer. Do you have any suggestions? We saw plenty of cabins but don't know anything else about them. - Linda, Northlake, Ill.

I hope you mean the Bois Brule River in northwest Wisconsin that's the river with which most people fall in love. The other Brule is in northeast Wisconsin, along the border with Michigan.

Those cabins you saw are beauties, aren't they? Many of them are turn-of-the-century classics, and the owners have carefully preserved their vintage exteriors. They've also formed an association to make sure that if a cabin ever is available, it goes to people who will respect their preservation ethics.

If you're a friend of the Ordways, you can stay at Cedar Island Lodge. Otherwise, there's just one cabin for rent that's right on the Brule. Camp Peralvia has more than 800 feet of frontage near the river's mouth on Lake Superior. It sleeps four and has a kitchen and fireplace.

Brule River Classics is just south of U.S. 2 and the town of Brule and has five cabins that are 1/3 mile from the river.

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Last updated on August 27, 2009