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How to get from Chicago to Grand Marais, Minn.?

How can I get from Chicago to Grand Marais, Minn.? By bus or plane? There's no train, and I don't have a car. - James, Chicago

There's no easy or cheap way to get from Chicago to Grand Marais. The cheapest way probably is to rent a car and drive.

If you don't want to do that, you can fly to Duluth from Chicago. From Duluth, Arrowhead Transit buses offer limited service, but it's very cheap, $12.25 between Duluth and Grand Marais .

It travels between Duluth and Grand Marais the second Tuesday and fourth Thursday of the month. Call 218-370-1515 or 800-223-1850 for details.

From mid-May to late October, Harriet Quarles provides custom shuttle services between the two towns. It's $176 each way. Contact her at harrietq@boreal.org, 866-387-1801.

Flights between Chicago and the Twin Cities go as low as $98 round-trip (check Southwest Airlines), so it may be cheaper to fly to the Twin Cities and take the bus to Duluth from there.

The Skyline Shuttle goes from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to the Radisson hotel in downtown Duluth eight times a day. The fare is $42, $69 round-trip.


Last updated on October 13, 2010