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Where to find colorful stones on Lake Superior

I am a professional photographer and will be traveling to the UP in October. I want to photograph the small colorful stones on the beach. Can you tell me the name of any of the beaches between Grand Marais and the Crisp Point area that would have the most colored stones? Thank you. - Terry, Dayton, Ohio

You'll find the most colorful Lake Superior stones wherever there aren't many people.

The only place I've seen great stones was when I was kayaking off Rossport, Ont., and stopped on Wilson Island (see a photo at How to find an agate). I didn't even know beaches were supposed to look like that, because I'd never seen one . . . on every other beach you can reach by car, tourists had carted the most colorful, interesting rocks home as souvenirs or to use as landscaping.

So I suggest you go over to Grand Island, off Munising, and walk or kayak to the most remote parts of the shoreline you can find.

If it has to be between Grand Marais, Mich., and Crisp Point, go by kayak to find the most inaccessible places.

You know that the U.P. is known more for sand, not rocks you'll find the best cobblestones and pebbles on the Minnesota and Ontario shoreline. I did see some neat rocks at the mouth of the Mosquito River in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, where people had arranged them into artistic cairns. But they were larger and not all that colorful.

Last updated on August 14, 2009