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What is there to do in Galena in April?

What can a group of friends find to do in Galena the last weekend in April? Some like to shop, but others are more interested in hiking or other outdoor activities. Any suggestions? We will have a couple of cars so we can travel some. Thanks. - Joanne, Chicago

I think late April is a great time to go to Galena. Unless winter really drags on, you should find lots of spring bulbs blooming on the hillside terraces and in parks.

Galena is best known for its shopping, wine tasting and museums, but there are also fun things to do outdoors. You can walk or bike on the 3-mile Galena River Trail, and you can rent canoes or kayaks from Fever River Outfitters.

The outfitter also offers yoga and kayaking on Saturday mornings, and on Sundays, it offers birdwatching on the backwaters by kayak.

And check the Buehler Preserve for wildflowers. It's along the river trail.

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Another good place to hike would be across the Mississippi above Dubuque, at Mines of Spain Recreation Area. There's a lot more to do in the area; see Destination Dubuque.

Just across the Wisconsin border, the old lead-mining district around Potosi, Platteville and New Diggings is fun to explore. The shoppers among you will like the Bargain Nook store in Platteville, which carries almost exclusive cut-rate Lands End catalog returns.

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Or take a scenic drive down the Illinois side of the river to Mississippi Palisades State Park.

Last updated on March 25, 2013