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Where's a good place for a group to stop for breakfast in Duluth?

We will be passing through Duluth with a group of 12 people. Any suggestions for a good breakfast spot that can handle a group that size stopping in? - Deb G., Minneapolis

I'd try At Sara's Table/Chester Creek Cafe, which is just off Skyline Parkway, not too far from Superior Street (directions at their web site, www.astccc.net). It's cozy and has good coffee and huevos rancheros and build-your-own omelets. It won't be as fast as Perkins, but I'm assuming you wouldn't have asked if you wanted to go to a Perkins-type place. You might want to call in advance, 218-724-6811, to tell them you're coming.

And here's a suggestion from a Duluth resident: You might also want to try Hell's Kitchen in Canal Park.They have a fun breakfast menu and can easily handle your group.The service is a little slow though. Might want to call ahead if you know when you would be in Duluth.

Last updated on February 7, 2009