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Hiking to the Cornucopia ice caves

We've always had such a great day hiking to the ice caves near Cornucopia. Did we miss the chance this year? Thanks. - Chris, Duluth

Man, Chris. You live in Duluth and you didn't make it to the ice caves this year? It was the best year, as far as I know, since the lake froze in 1996 rangers gave the green light on Jan. 29, which is ridiculously early, and it was still okay on March 15, the last time I called the hot line. People were going out there by the thousands on weekends.

They're "closed'' now. When you're thinking of going, call 715-779-3397, Ext. 3; for tips, see Ice caves of the Apostles.

In 2008, there was access for nearly a month, which was great, but in 2005 and 2006, they weren't open at all. So you never know. Let's hope we get as lucky next winter.

Last updated on April 4, 2009