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How busy is Isle Royale in July?

A few friends and I are planning on going to Isle Royale this summer. We are looking at going in mid-July to fit our schedules, however we know this is the busy time on the island. Will we be tripping over other people? We plan to go about 5 days, starting midweek and ending on a weekend. - Justin, Minneapolis

No, July is a good time to go. Remember, more people visit Yellowstone in one day than visit Isle Royale in a year  17,000 total. If you hang out only around Rock Harbor, there will be people, though never an obnoxious number. If you're hiking down the spine of the island, or going to Windigo, it's no issue at all. 

Remember to reserve ferry passage in advance, because sailings often sell out, and if you're going to stay in the lodgings at Rock Harbor, you need to reserve those at the same time. Five days is a good amount of time to spend; count on a day or two of bad weather, bring rain gear, and don't bring too much stuff if you're hiking.

For more, see Isle Royale reverie. Have a great time!

Last updated on April 3, 2009