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When is a good time to kayak to the sea caves?

When is a good time to kayak to the sea caves in the summer? Are there any caves by Duluth? - Cindy, South Haven, Mich.

I assume you're talking about the sea caves of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Wisconsin, off the Bayfield Peninsula.

A "good time'' is any time Lake Superior is safe enough to paddle, but I like going in late August, when the surface of the water is warmer and you might be able to swim a little, too (or at least not get hypothermia if you fall in).

If you're not an experienced kayaker, you should go with an outfitter. The splashing of waves inside the caves makes maneuvering tricky.

There are sea caves on the mainland, on Sand Island and on Devils Island. For more, see Kayaking the Apostles and Ice caves of the Apostles.

There are sea caves along Minnesota's North Shore north of Duluth, most notably at Palisade Head, but they're not big enough to explore in a kayak. Check the maps of the Lake Superior Water Trail for more.

Last updated on May 17, 2010