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When will the tall ships arrive at the Soo Locks?

When will the tall ships be locking through the Soo Locks to get to Duluth for the Tall Ships Festival? - Donna, Sault Ste. Marie

I wish I could tell you, but each of the captains of these ships makes his or her own schedules. Each of the eight ships will be arriving at a different time for the July 28-Aug. 3 festival.

You could look at each ship's sailing schedule, but that won't tell you exactly when they'll arrive at the locks. For example, the Roald Amundsen notes that it will be sailing between Bay City, Mich., and Duluth between July 18 and 30.

You could check the Vessel Passage page on Boat Nerd to see if it will tell you where the ships are.

Your best bet is to go down to the Soo Locks Visitors Center the week of July 24 and ask. The staff will be able to tell you several hours in advance when a ship is expected, and you can watch it approach on the monitor.

For more, see Locking through the Soo.

Last updated on May 20, 2010