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What to see and do on trip to Albertville outlet mall?

We want to go on a short trip and stop at the outlet in Albertville, Minn. What is there to see and do along the way and is there a close resort/nice cabin on a lake we could stay? Thanks much! - Teresa, Waterloo, Iowa

Since you like to shop, you could stop at the Medford Outlet Center between Owatonna and Faribault, south of the Twin Cities.

North of Faribault, you can take a short detour off I-35 and visit Northfield, a college town that has a lot of cute little shops.

And of course, there's the Mall of America in Bloomington, with IKEA next door.

Since you'll be coming from the south and will have to drive through the Twin Cities, be careful not to go on a Friday afternoon or evening, when everyone in the Twin Cities will be trying to leave town on the same route. Coming back Sunday is the same thing not fun.

Albertville is pretty much on the edge of the Twin Cities, so there aren't lake resorts. However, Lake Maria State Park has three camper cabins.

I've stayed at the Riverwood Inn, which is nearby on the Mississippi, and it's nice. They offer a lot of specials, so maybe you can get one.

Besides shopping at the outlet, there are some antiques places in Monticello. In winter, it's famous for its large flock of trumpeter swans.

In summer, you might want to take a canoe trip on the Mississippi. In Clearwater, there's also a canoe/kayak outfitter that can set you up on a trip.

Last updated on June 22, 2014