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Where to go snowshoeing?

I'm planning my winter trips, and I wonder if there are recommendations for good snowshoeing day-trips, preferably loops. Destinations I consider are in northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. I prefer to go places where there is some solitude, but would consider going other places if the scenery is really nice. - Mark, Minneapolis

You'd probably really enjoy snowshoeing from waterfall to waterfall along the Black River and on the North Country Trail, north of Bessemer in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. For more, see Waterfalls by snowshoe.

In the remote northeast corner of Wisconsin, snowy Nicolet National Forest is quiet and very scenic; stay at Bear Paw Outdoor Adventure Resort and snowshoe out the door to the Wolf River. For more, see Snowshoeing in Wisconsin.

In Minnesota, the North Shore is very popular, though trails get packed quickly. There's a great loop around the Split Rock River. For more, see North Shore by snowshoe.

For other great places in Minnesota, see Snowshoeing in Minnesota.

For an overview, see Great places to snowshoe.

Last updated on January 31, 2010