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Welcome to! I'm Beth Gauper, and for more than 20 years, I've written about vacation travel in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, northern Illinois and western Michigan.

I'll tell you where to find the best places to stay and eat and the festivals you should be sure to catch. I'll tell you where to shop and where to take the kids. If you like to hike and bike and paddle, I know the best places to go.

You can read stories about your favorite destinations or skip to the Trip Tips, where I give you a choice of the best places to stay and things to do.

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When I point you toward a place, it's because I think you'll like it, not because someone is paying me to plug it. Though I list many places I think you'll want to check out, I recommend only those I've visited myself.

I'm lucky because I got to know the Upper Midwest while writing weekly travel columns for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, which paid my salary and travel expenses for 14 years.

Now I'm exploring on my own, still providing unvarnished opinions and tips. I hope you'll find value in the work we're doing.

It took another kind of expert to build this site. The man behind the screen is Torsten Müller, my husband and our webmaster.

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