Events Calendar Policy

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Thank you for your interest in our popular Events Calendar. We list festivals at no charge. Here's how we choose them:

  • We list primarily annual civic festivals.
  • We prefer festivals that appeal to tourists from a wide area.
  • We rarely list athletic events, benefits, resort weekends or events sponsored by bars, clubs or churches.
  • We don't list concerts, plays, exhibits, art shows or dance events.
  • We list few events where admission is more than $5 or $10. The main exception is music festivals. The area we cover is Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, northern Illinois, the Upper Peninsula and west coast of Michigan and the Ontario shore of Lake Superior. We don't list events outside that area.

To list an event, we need an active link to a dedicated web page that provides detailed information about it.

Before you ask us to list your event, please check to see if it is already listed on our calendar.

If you would like us to promote your event, you also can advertise it with a banner that appears over our Events Calendar.

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