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  • Taking the bus

    Not long ago, no one wanted to take a bus anywhere. They took too long. The depots were depressing. They weren't even that cheap; sometimes, you could fly for less. Then in 2006, Megabus arrived from the United Kingdom with its $1 fares and express service. It doesn't have depots; it picks up passengers on university campuses, in downtowns and at train stations.

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  • Taking the train

    We've all heard stories about late trains. Well, you don't take the train to a business meeting — you take it if you've got the time and a sense of adventure.

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  • Taking a plane

    If you like low-cost airlines, there's just one rule: Use it or lose it. Competition is the only thing that holds down air fares. Why would it cost $699 to fly from the Twin Cities to Kansas City, but only $99 to fly from the Twin Cities to Chicago? Once, when Northwest Airlines had serious competition on its route to Chicago but not to Kansas City, those were the round-trip fares. Then, in May 2008, AirTran discontinued its flights from the Twin Cities to Chicago because they were "unprofitable,'' meaning that Northwest matched or surpassed its fares. Round-trip fares to Chicago rose to $400.

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