• When the Midwest is best

    People in other states and countries usually have no clue what the Upper Midwest is really like, though they've heard about our 20-foot snowfalls and two-ton mosquitoes. Believe it or not, many of them still want to vacation here in summer. But they have a few questions about those mosquitoes and about humidity and crowds. Mostly they want to know, "When's the best time to visit?'' Here's what we tell them.

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  • Serious reservations

    In the Upper Midwest, travel can be competitive. Many festivals are so big and so fun that everyone wants to go. If you do, too,  you'll have to act fast to stay ahead of the crowds.  not to visit a certain area, so you can avoid sold-out hotels or sky-high rates.

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  • How to use MidwestWeekends

    It's high time to plan for summer, if you haven't already. MidwestWeekends is not just a newsletter, but a travel library with more than 800 stories about destinations and fun things to do. Plan a Trip page. Each of the categories and all of the destinations on the map are clickable.

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  • Word of mouse

    If you're planning a vacation, remember this: The people have spoken. They've spoken about the meals they ate, hotels they slept in, tours they took, attractions they visited and people they met. They've gone on and on about beaches and bars and bathrooms and what they had for breakfast. It's the kind of thing that bores their friends to death — and yet strangers around the world are eating it up.

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  • 10 great travel tips

    We get a lot of questions at MidwestWeekends from people planning vacations. We’re glad to help, because we believe in planning. Spontaneity is a wonderful thing, but it’s risky in summer, when the rest of the world also is on vacation.

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