• Waterfalls of northeast Wisconsin

    In a remote corner of Wisconsin, a trove of waterfalls lies buried in forests barely trod since the lumberjacks moved on to Minnesota. Waterfalls of northern Wisconsin). But there are lots of them in this undomesticated forest, so thick with headwaters it’s known as the cradle of rivers.

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  • Waterfalls of the North Shore

    Up north, all of the snow that brought you great skiing just keeps on giving when spring arrives. That's when it turns into waterfalls, roaring down river gorges and misting awed onlookers. One of the easiest places to see lots of big waterfalls is along Minnesota's North Shore, where dozens of rivers roar down into Lake Superior. Where there's water, there's a waterfall.

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  • Tales of Tahquamenon

    At most waterfalls, people mainly sit, look and take pictures. Not at Tahquamenon Falls.

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  • Waterfalls of northern Wisconsin

    Deep in the forests of Wisconsin, and Potato River Falls was nowhere to be found. Finally, I left the path to climb down a steep hillside, slippery with clay and choked with the roots of spruce trees that flecked my hands with sap.

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