Keweenaw Peninsula

  • Cruising to a lighthouse

    In summer, excursion boats give visitors a chance to see historic beacons.

    By definition, lighthouses aren't easy to visit. Most are between a rock and a hard place, out of the way and on the edge of a fickle inland sea. "When the government came here after 1843, they were afraid the Native Americans would be hostile, but they quickly found out the only thing hostile was Lake Superior,'' said our captain on a cruise to the Copper Harbor Lighthouse in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula.

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  • Exploring Isle Royale

    Famous for its moose and wolves, this Lake Superior wilderness island is beguiling.

    When it rains on Isle Royale, you just have to soak it up. Moisture comes with the territory in Lake Superior's northern reaches. No one comes here for the weather, despite early advertising that called it a "Summertime 'Bermuda' Paradise." Bermuda it's not. But paradise? It depends on how you look at it.

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