Thunder Bay

  • Downhill in Thunder Bay

    For a ski weekend, this friendly city belongs on the Eh list.

    Thunder Bay is the Miss Congeniality of Canada — blessed but not beautiful, endearing yet not alluring. Craggy bluffs flank this working-class town of 120,000 on one side, and Lake Superior on the other. But the candy-striped smokestack of a paper mill is the first thing seen by those who arrive by air or U.S. highway.

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  • In the shadow of the Giant

    In a wild park wrapped by Lake Superior, hikers and campers exult in beauty.

    On the northwest corner of Lake Superior, a 1,000-foot-high sleeping giant stretches across the horizon. It's mesmerized onlookers for millennia. In 2007, Canadian Broadcasting Corp. listeners voted it No. 1 of Seven Wonders of Canada, far outpolling Niagara Falls.

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  • Exploring Thunder Bay

    Beauty is all around Lake Superior's biggest town.

    To know Thunder Bay is to love Thunder Bay. Lake Superior's largest town is hard to get to know, though, in part because it was two towns until 1970. No downtown pops out of the landscape; people driving through see only the flat sprawl of Fort William, then the hillier sprawl of Port Arthur. But Thunder Bay's surroundings are spectacular: Mount McKay on the south, Kakabeka Falls to the west and Ouimet and Eagle canyons to the north.

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  • Kayaking the Rossport Islands

    Off Lake Superior's north shore, a lighthouse is an irresistible destination for kayakers.

    At the top of Lake Superior, there's a dramatic coast lined with rugged cliffs, cobblestone beaches and islands. It's the home of Parks Canada's Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, created to protect the waters between the Sibley Peninsula, east of Thunder Bay, and the Slate Islands, off Terrace Bay. These waters are thick with islands, much like the Apostles in Wisconsin, except the islands are closer together. That makes them ideal for kayaking.

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