Lake Michigan

  • Touring Mackinac Island

    In the straits between lakes Michigan and Huron, you can find more than one Mackinac Island. The best-known first was advertised as "the Fairy Isle of Mackinac," and it's not quite rooted in reality. It has a tuxedo shop but no hardware store, a Victorian house called Brigadoon and a fan club that gathers every October in vintage clothing to revere the year 1912. You get to that island in a horse-drawn surrey, driven by a liveryman in a top hat.

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  • Lake Michigan's greatest hits

    It's America's freshwater Riviera, and everyone competes for a little piece of that beautiful sand: beach bums, lighthouse buffs, campers on a budget.

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  • Planning a Circle Tour of Lake Michigan

    If sun, sand and water are your favorite things, the Circle Tour of Lake Michigan is the vacation for you. The 1,100-mile drive along this Third Coast is an easygoing road trip that appeals to beach bums, lighthouse lovers, boating buffs and anyone who likes to wander in and out of wineries and fudge shops. It's a great family trip because there's a beach every few miles, almost always with a playground. On the northwest side of the lake, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is one big sandbox.

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  • Circling Lake Michigan

    If Lake Superior is the drama queen of the Great Lakes, then Lake Michigan is president of the pep club. It’s beautiful, popular and a lot easier to get along with than its tempestuous sister. Its shores are lined with sand, not jagged cliffs, and its beaches attract festive crowds every summer. It’s the only Great Lake you can circle without a passport, and if you don’t want to drive around the whole thing, you can take a short cut on a car ferry.

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  • Lake Michigan with kids

    Not many parents would think that a long road trip would be a perfect vacation to take with young children. But the shores of Lake Michigan is one big sandbox, and on a drive along its shores, you'll hit one big playground after another. On the east side, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is spectacular, a Disneyland of sand. But the lake also is lined with lighthouses, fudge shops, fur-trade forts and endless beaches.

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  • Sights of Sheboygan

    As far as most people know, there’s nothing but sausage in Sheboygan. This town on Lake Michigan is the bull’s-eye of brats, for sure, and serious eaters go straight for a double on Sheboygan hard roll. But serious sightseers come to Sheboygan for other reasons: for surfing, for quirky sculptures, for sand dunes.

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