Indulgent Retreats

  • Under one roof in Duluth

    Started in 1882 as Fink's Lake Superior Brewery, Fitger's was a mainstay in Duluth, surviving Prohibition but not industry consolidation. It closed in 1972 and almost was  razed, but the sprawling building on the lake reopened in 1984 as a hotel, restaurant and shopping complex. Now, the complex also boasts a day spa, a nightclub, a brewery, a coffeehouse and shops — everything anyone could want for a little getaway, all under one roof.

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  • Foot to the floor in Elkhart Lake

    Thanks to the last glacier, Elkhart Lake is amply endowed with curves — just the kind of curves a race-car driver appreciates. In 1949, the old lake-resort town was struggling. Then millionaire sportsman Jim Kimberly, scion of the Kimberly-Clark paper fortune in Neenah, began looking for a local place to race his cars.

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  • Unwinding in Hayward

    From the beginning, Hayward has been a rough town. It sprang up in Wisconsin's north woods along with the logging camps, and its saloons and brothels gave it a reputation that was reflected in a rail conductor's call: "All aboard for Hayward, Hurley and Hell!"

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  • Inn retreats

    In winter, not everyone wants to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. And that's possible at many inns and resorts. Some include a spa or dinner theater, others shops and restaurants, and a few offer a whole weekend's worth of entertainment under one roof.

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  • Kohler's luxuries

    It all began with an enameled horse trough/hog scalder. It grew into an empire that includes a five-diamond resort, a collection of upscale shops, an innovative art center, a foundation that rescues Wisconsin folk art and, in fact, an entire town that's so perfect it's almost eerie. That horse trough evolved, too, into such products as the Body Spa, a futuristic shower stall with a waterfall and 10 jets that pummel tired muscles with 80 gallons of water per minute.

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