National Parks & Wildernesses

  • Exploring Isle Royale

    When it rains on Isle Royale, you just have to soak it up. Moisture comes with the territory in Lake Superior's northern reaches. No one comes here for the weather, despite early advertising that called it a "Summertime 'Bermuda' Paradise." Bermuda it's not. But paradise? It depends on how you look at it.

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  • Volunteer vacations

    Around Lake Superior, you have to act fast to reserve a vacation mowing lawns or combing the ground for bones. It may not sound glamorous, but the lawns are at lighthouses, and the moose bones are in the backcountry of Isle Royale National Park, where volunteers may be tutored by famous Wolf-Moose Project researchers Rolf Peterson and John Vucetich. You may not get to take a lot of hot showers, but oh, the stories you’ll tell.

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  • Land of big water

    At the top of Minnesota, there's a spectacular national park — half water and all scenery. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also the only national park Minnesota has, which you'd think would impress most people. But not, apparently, some of the locals. My husband and I found that out two minutes after we'd arrived on Rainy Lake and were chatting with the friendly young woman checking us into our B&B.

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  • Michigan's Pictured Rocks

    Along Michigan's Pictured Rocks, there's no such thing as a bad view. White sandstone cliffs line nearly 40 miles of national lakeshore, the nation's first when it was created in 1966. Named for the colorful swishes and whorls painted by mineral-laden water oozing through cracks, Pictured Rocks draws tourists from around the world.

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