Favorites for Winter

The season's first ships
When the Great Lakes shipping season starts, boat nerds watch for salties.

Rooms for romance
Here's where to go for the perfect getaway with your sweetie.

The best in snow tubing
With their multiple lanes, conveyor lifts and snow-making, these aren't your grandma's hills.

Schools of know-how
Go away for a relaxing weekend and come home with a new skill.

Serious reservations
Here's a guide to the lodgings, campsites and permits you should nail down early.

Spring bird festivals
After a long winter, birders welcome the return of feathered friends.

Where eagles land
Near winter gathering spots, towns capitalize on the birds' popularity by throwing festivals.

15 great escapes in March

Winter's not over till it's over. Meanwhile, here's where to go for fun.

March can be a cruel month. We're tired of the cold, and it's tempting to sit tight and wait for spring.

But don't do it. This is the best time of the year for a lot of things, including eagle-watching, expos, ice-exploring and, of course, St. Patrick's Day parties.

We offer you three options for March getaways: outdoors, indoors and outdoors/indoors. Enjoy!

A lot of people think March is the best month for winter sports, with its long, sunny days and ample snow (at least up in the far-north woods). Here's where to go.

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Near escapes in Minnesota

Here are 10 places to go for a great winter getaway.

Before Valentine's Day, and as winter drags on, everyone starts thinking about romantic getaways.

Well, we already have a story about romantic places to stay, and beyond that, who can say what romance is?

Especially since "romantic" often is code for "expensive." We think romance has very little relationship to expenditure; we've found it in tents and camper cabins as well as luxurious inns. It's everywhere, if you look for it.

Here are 10 great Minnesota getaways for everyone, whether you're with your sweetie, your kids, your pals or just yourself.

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Ice playgrounds

Along rivers and lakes, it's fun to play with Jack Frost.

In winter, ice comes with the territory. You can curse it — or you can play with it.

Kids know how. Climbers and skaters know how. And photographers adore it.

Having fun with ice also is a good way to cope with a winter that drags on, endlessly, into April.

That's when gigantic heaps of shards pile up on Lake Superior and ice storms create glistening tableaux that make photographers come running.

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Near escapes in Wisconsin

Here are 10 great places for a winter getaway.

When winter seems to be lasting forever, you just want to get away.

Of course, that's not so easy to do if you're buried in snow. Then you may have to get away a lot closer . . . maybe to the hotel around the corner.

Until then, here are some great winter getaways, each with lots to do and see.

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Best of spring

When warm weather arrives, it's time to tiptoe through the tulips.

Winter seems interminable, and cabin fever hits hard. When spring finally gets here, the challenge will be to get out there and enjoy it in the short window before summer gets here.

What to do? Go on a spring drive, see fiddlehead ferns unfurl and surround yourself with that delicate shade of chartreuse that seems to tint the air green.

Look for wildflowers, kayak on cattail-lined creeks, stalk morel mushrooms and watch Dutch dancers clogging on the street.

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Toasting St. Pat

The Irish saint and his fans are back for a weekend packed with festivities.

Why do we love St. Patrick? Because when the landscape still is icy and white, he makes everything else turn green — clothes, beer, even rivers.

For that, the legendary Irish priest deserves sainthood.

Here are some good ways to celebrate his day in 2024.

Before you go, check websites for schedule changes.

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